Basic SEO Package



Our Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Package is a scaled back version of our most popular Premium Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Package for people and companies with limited budgets who want to start enhancing their presence on the internet immediately without spending a lot of money.  It has all the important basic features that will get your website noticed and ranked well by the major search engines, especially Google.

Here’s a graphic of a perfectly optimized webpage courtesy of Deluxe Enterprises.

SEO Search Engine Optimization Graphic

Perfectly Optimized Web Page from DeLuxe

  1. URL – Include keywords in the URL to help search engines better understand what the page’s content is about
  2. PAGE TITLE – The most important SEO element. Include keywords as close to the beginning of the title as possible.  The Page Title appears in the browser tab and is the blue clickable text in a search result.  Keep it to 55 characters or less.
  3. META DESCRIPTION – It does not appear on page, but returns as the regular text underneath the blue clickable text in a search result
  4. PRIMARY HEADLINE – This is the second most important SEO element. Include keywords within the H1 tag.
  5. BODY CONTENT – Make sure to include keywords where appropriate. Do not stuff. Ensure content reads well.
  6. IMAGE NAMES -When placing important images on your Web pages, include keywords in the filenames as appropriate.
  7. IMAGE ALT TAGS – Most website platforms allows you to append ALT text to images. Include keywords as appropriate.

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Your Initial Investment Will Include Search Engine Optimization Enhancements Like These:

  • Expert Assistance in the Selection and Registration of Your Domain Name
  • Expert Assistance in Composing and Editing the Content on the Original Pages of Your Website
  • Keyword Research for 5 keywords
  • Keyword Optimization
  • On-page Optimization
  • Meta Optimization
  • Internal Link Building
  • Free Website Hosting *

* With Website Purchase from The Oggie Web

Your Monthly Follow-On Service Will Include Ongoing SEO Enhancement Like These:

  • Ongoing Keyword Research and Optimization
  • Ongoing On-Page Optimization
  • Ongoing Meta Optimization
  • Additional Internal Link Building (as required)
  • Additional Training in All Aspects of Website Operation